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Overview of the Quick Term Approach

The Quick Term Template approach is a procedure which leverages logically defined classes, their OWL representation and the identification of pattern in candidate terms for inclusion in an ontological artefact. The key steps of the procedure are as follows:

  • Agreement on the logical definition of the parent class for submissions matching a certain pattern.
  • Identification of entities that can be varied with respect to the parent class (the differentia)
  • Generation of a QTT spreadsheet designed to let term submitters specify just the differentia. Each spreadsheet column header represents one of the differentia.
  • Processing of a QTT spreadsheet through the use of a tool that translates each row of a QTT template into the OWL description of a class
  • Provide term submitters with a list of identifiers corresponding to the newly created classes.

Processing the Analyte Assay Template using Mapping Master: the procedure from start to finish

In this section, we provide the necessary material to perform the creation of new analyte assay classes in OBI by relying on Mapping Master Protege 3.4.2.

The document available here media: Howto-QTT-Template-Import-MappingMaster.doc contains a simple, step by step guide to the process.

Two files are required, one for the target ontology, the other one for the template. We provide the following test files:

List of tools evaluated for processing Quick Term Templates

Other relevant tools:

Publications and Presentations

The Quick Term Template Approach has been presented during International Conference on Biomedical Ontology, University at Buffalo, NY · July 24-26, 2009

An article is available from the Proceedings

A presentation associated with this manuscript is available from nature proceedings

List of current Quick Term Templates